About  The Rapunzel Room

Front Cover

This book was created not with  children in mind, at least not very young children, but with fairy tales and their meanings in mind. First of all I created it for myself ,  then, for anyone who not only likes fairy tales, but also enjoys playing with and exploring them, whether they are 15 or 90

The brief “Introduction”  tells a  bit about the content––all but one of these narratives were based on stories from the Brothers Grimm.  In these re-imaginings I have allowed both protagonists and minor characters to speak, something that is not done in traditional fairy tales.  In a way, these  are all “what if” stories, with slanted points of view, interpolations, and embellishments. But always, the original tale is held in high esteem. The original illustrations are meant to enhance both tellings.

The title story, “The Rapunzel Room” is a complete fabrication, a sort of meditation on the way that fairy tales permeate reality.