Caroline at workMy name is Caroline Trippe, and I am a self-taught draftsman and painter.

 Since 2007 I have been writing and illustrating my own versions of the myths and fairy tales that enchanted me as a child.  These story-and-picture books have become my preferred means of artistic expression, and I have worked on them exclusively for the last several years. 

Above and beyond the elements of fantasy and magic, it  is the human content of the old stories that anchors them in my heart and mind, although  I enjoy re-tellings of  these tales in my own idiom. I also  like working in a series, where a narrative suggests the imagery, although I  have also created  a few original narratives, inspired by a sequence of images. 

I seek out  narratives  that suit my particular sensibilities and abilities, and although I love the iconic tales, such as “Snow White” and “Sleeping Beauty,”  I prefer to adapt less well  known stories in order  to avoid too much conscious or unconscious influence. 

Illustration has consistently presented me with new  challenges.  I often borrow everyday objects and elements of local landscapes to fabricate imaginary worlds and characters. I hope that my books will appeal  as much  to adults of any age who love the genre as they might to  children.