Self Portrait, graphite on paper.

Welcome to the Website of Caroline Trippe.

A word of introduction from the artist:

I am a self-taught draftsman and painter.  

From an early age I was captivated by the female figure, and that has been the main source of my ideas ever since.  The myths and fairy tales I read in childhood also exerted a profound attraction, and these narratives with their universal themes and archetypal protagonists, often disguised, continue to surface in my work. 

As I worked to develop an understanding of the figure and  its expressive potential,  gesture and expression became the focus of my efforts.  My intention is to suggest the inner life that might be glimpsed at the threshold between temporality and timelessness, corporeality and the spirit: the place where, even in our contemporary world, myth and archetype persist.

I paint and  draw in a variety of  mediums, depending upon which one seems best suited to my subject. I often explore the same subject in several media.  I love oil paint for its depth and richness of color, gouache for its delicacy and workability,  charcoal for its boldness, graphite for its tonal nuances and luminosity. 

My body of work comprises drawings, paintings, and illustrated books. The books include both original paintings and text. You may  read more about them under the “Books ”  Menu.